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It probably seems a little weird that I want to help you sell your home on your own, being that I’m a real estate agent.

You’re probably thinking there’s got to be a catch ... The truth is, I get it. I totally understand wanting to try and sell your home on your own and save some money. I do some things on my own, and don’t hire a professional (when I can), in order to save some money. Sometimes I do it as good or better than someone I could’ve hired. Sometimes I struggle and get it done OK enough. And sometimes, I get into the middle of it and end up hiring someone anyway.

Let’s use painting my house, for example ... Let’s say I decided to paint the outside of my house on my own, and a professional painter saw me trying. And, instead of just driving on by and letting me be, every chance he got he kept coming up and bugging me ... “Hey, you want me to paint your house for you? I can totally do a better job than you can ... There’s no way you can do as good a job as me. You’re going to make mistakes. You should let me do that for you.” I’d be thinking, if not saying, get out of my face. And just you watch me ... I’ll get this done on my own.

Now, on the other hand, if a painter saw me out there and came up and said, “Hey, here’s a few things you may not think about that you can only know by doing a whole lot of painting. I hope it helps you out!” Well, if things didn’t go so well for me, or I was sick of doing it on my own, or whatever, that’s the painter I’d be calling. Especially if the tips and tricks he shared with me showed me that he really knew his trade.

That’s all I’m doing here ... In the course of trying to sell your home on your own, you’ll find many agents will try and convince you that you can’t possibly succeed or that you’re going to make costly mistakes. Or otherwise try and scare you. Or trick you into working with them.

I want to help you give selling on your own the best try possible. And, if you give it your best shot, and you still don’t have any luck, sure, I hope it leads to doing business with you. But I want to have earned that opportunity and give you a preview that I really know my trade.

But for now, I wish you luck on selling your home on your own! And I truly hope this guide gives you some in-between-the-lines insight you’re not going to find anywhere else.

This is beyond the basic baloney some agents give people in your shoes. Also, if you have any questions during the course of trying to sell your house on your own, or about the information in this guide, please feel free to reach out to me!

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