Arla Slaughter Realty


We call it the Hub City

The hub of Acadiana. The center of all things Southwest of the Mississippi River in Louisiana wiht a strong French influde: the way we speak, dance, eat, and laugh.

Down here, we're known for our funny accents and phrasesl we're famous for our big pot meals of spicy food and eating strange things from the mud.

And the music! The world over comes to our free music festivals where we dance with abandon while holding an adult beverage.

We are a happy and welcoming crowd. We smile. We let you merge in traffic. And we'll probably invite you over Sunday afternoon to eat something out of a big pot. I happen to really LOVE WHERE I LIVE, and this map includes a few of my favorite things.

Whether visiting or staying, I hope y'all LOVE it too.



Arla has always gone above and beyond every time I've needed her help. Our recent sale of our home was no exception. We had several hiccups that required extra work on her part. I will forever be grateful for all of her hard work. I will always recommend Arla!

- Molly & Brandon - Sellers

Ella es muy eficiente y nos trata como familia, y ama lo q hace.

- Marvin C.

My husband and I just bought our first house and I can't imagine working with anyone better than Arla. She was very knowledgeable about the process of buying a home and helped explain everything so it seemed a little less scary. She was open and easy to talk to and very responsive, and she worked incredibly hard to get us the best deal on a house we both love.

- Brittney S.